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The Tanana Valley Masonic News (TVMN) is the Trestleboard/Newsletter of the participating Masonic Bodies in Interior Alaska.  The original design and concept was formulated in 1993 by M\W\Bro. Don Chaffin of Fairbanks Lodge No. 12 as a combined Trestleboard for all of the Masonic organizations in the Tanana Valley.  M\W\Bro. Chaffin edited the paper until 1995, when his duties as Master of Fairbanks Lodge and subsequent entry into the Grand Lodge Line demanded his relief from the TVMN.  He turned the newsletter over to M\W\Bro.  Steve Cox, who did a fine job of  maintaining the high journalistic standards of  his predecessor. The duties of Grand Line Office required that M\W\Bro. Cox turn the newsletter over to another Editor.  Our current Editor is W. Bro. James Howard, a member of Tanana Lodge No. 3.  Jim has been doing a great job for several years now!  


The TVMN is sent to nearly 900 subscribers around the world.   There is no subscription fee charged, but donations are GREATLY appreciated to keep the newsletter in the black, financially. 


The average cost of publication is nearly $.50 per copy per month.  This includes mailing and printing expenses.  The bodies help with the expenses, but the donations we receive are what keeps the presses rolling.  Our only hope is that you enjoy our newsletter, and it spurs others to emulate it for their Lodges.


If you have any suggestions, articles, or want to subscribe, please contact us at the following address or e-mail:

Tanana Valley Masonic News or  James Howard, P. O. Box 60862, Fairbanks, AK  99706-0862

Tanana Valley Masonic News - November 2007

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